Bannon Ave- Smoke Condition
By Lieutenant Kieran Outhouse
April 15, 2018

Buchanan units responded to the Bannon Avenue Apartments on April 14, 2018 for an activated fire alarm. After investigating, crews determined there were multiple activations of fire alarms in an apartment. Firefighters forced entry and observed a heavy smoke condition in the apartment. A hoseline was stretched from E-160 and the Tri-Village Response Plan was activated as the alarm was upgraded to a possible fire.

After investigating, crews determined the fire alarm activation & smoke condition was due to food left on the stove for a period of multiple hours. The pot was glowing red and began to burn the ceiling above. Thankfully, no one was injured and the alarms sounded, triggering residents to evacuate and the fire department to respond.

We remind all residents again to monitor food on the stove and never leave it unattended.

Units: E-160, 2551, 2552, 2553, 267 (BPD)
Mutual Aid: Verplanck FD Standby, Montrose FD Standby